Hi and welcome to my personal blog and your free resource site. I'm a 25 years old Girl from Asker, Norway. I just came back from Melbourne, Australia. Where I got my bachelor degree in graphic design at RMIT University. Now I'm on a job hunt, while working at H&M in Oslo. In my blog I write about school, fashion, life and whatever else I like. More?

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I’m graduating today!

I just came back from the graduation parade down Swanston street. It’s SO hot today, almost no wind and 32 degrees. Later today is the ceremony. I’m kinda nervous. What if I fall on stage when it’s my turn to get the diploma thingy?

Here’s me today:

I’m in Brisbane!

I left yesterday, so I made this post yesterday. I decided not to bring my mac, so I won’t be abel to post anything during my trip. I will take lots of photos though and I’ll be back in Melbourne again on Thursday.

My mother and I suddenly decided to go, so she can discover more of Australia while she’s here:) See you when we get back!

Happy birthday dad!!:D

Today my father is turning 50. Im so sad I couldn’t be with him today. At least I got to celebrate him last year when he came here to visit me. Right now he’s in Spain celebrating with my brother, who moved there 6 months ago. I hope he’s having the best time there.

Love you:)

My mom is here!!!!

She’s landing in 10 minutes here in Melbourne! Yey! I haven’t seen her in about 1,5 years, so I’m really excited. I should run go get her at Souther Cross, might take her an hour or so getting there after landing. Can’t wait to show her Melbourne.

Mortens’ parents arrived four days ago. That’s why I haven’t been blogging. We’ve been showing them the city and enjoying the summer. We also had another garage sale this weekend. No luck. There’s almost no people showing, and those who are won’t buy anything. It’s gonna be hard getting rid of everything. Oh well.

I have to run!

One week at Fuel

Wow, this week has gone by so quickly. Each day has sorta floated into the next, so I have no idea what I did which day. It’s been so much fun. I feel like I have to apologize for disappearing again. But starting work 9 am and finishing at 5 pm is hard. When we got home from work we just ate dinner, watched a movie and went straight to bed. I’ve been so tired. We usually haven’t gone home until almost six every day this week and if we needed to do some grocery shopping or other stuff we haven’t made it home till at least 8 pm. Long days, in other words. But so worth it. I love having had the chance to do this.

The first day we started brainstorming on a concept for a 30 second Youtube ad for an Australian insurance company. The other guys in the creatives theme did that as well, then we met up and discussed the concepts. They ended up combining our idea with one of their, plus two other concepts. Then they sent off some rough sketches to the client for them to choose the one they liked the most and they ended up going for our idea. So Morten’s been drawing each frame for the animation all week. It turned out really good. Hopefully the client will approve soon and we’ll see the ad up and running on Youtube shortly. The main goal is to get users to not click on the skip ad button and hopefully get them to actually click the ad. I might show you the finished ad if I’m allowed to:P

I did some other work while Morten did the drawings. I got to do newspaper ads for an existing company doing renovation and extensions on houses. The guys had already done the logo and that was it, so I was free to do what ever I wanted. I also had to do the style guide for the identity. And today I got to start working on the graphics for the website. I didn’t get that far on it though. But it’s a start and it’ll be easy for the guys to finish the job.

Photos are taken by a super sweet girl working at Fuel. I had to ask her for them today as I noticed she was taking some photos during the week.

These photos are from when we worked on the website we made, that landed us the internship at Fuel. They wanted us to work a bit more on them to make them presentable for the client. I didn’t have to make that many changes actually, which I’m so happy for. Started to get a bit tired of the project:P But it was fun learning what the professionals thought of it. And I got to work with a copywriter on the rationale for my website. I love having so many creative guys around me!

Today, our last day, we got free beers. They have beers every Friday afternoon. It was such a great way to end a perfect week. I’m sad we didn’t get to be there for two weeks, but I’m happy we got the chance to be there for one. I really though we didn’t have time considering we’re moving soon and there’s so much we have to get done. Mortens’ parents arrived yesterday and my Mother will be here Monday night. Can’t wait to see her again. I haven’t seen her in 1,5 years. I miss her!


I have something really fun to tell you guys. Should have told you earlier, but haven’t had the chance and nothing was confirmed until now.

Our last assignment in school was a brief we got from a studio here in Melbourne, called Fuel. We had to make a website for office supplies, sorta like a web shop. The project was super boring, sorry to say it, but it really felt like work-work. I’ve always considered graphic design being fun and even though it’s a job it doesn’t feel like it, but this one did. I think having my own website and a bit knowledge about the subject helped me a lot. I finished quiet quickly, with an okay result.

After I finished school, I got an email saying that Morten and I was chosen along with 8 other people to present our website at Fuel. I’d totally forgot that the project was a competition. Fuel was gonna pick 3-4 people who would get an internship in their studio. So on Monday both Morten and I had our presentations. I HATE speaking like that in front of people. My nerves always takes completely control over me and I usually mess up. It was different this time! I was nervous, don’t get me wrong, but I managed to keep them controlled and I felt the presentation went really well. I had so much adrenaline when I was done. They gave me some feedback right away and it seemed like they were happy with what I’d done. It felt so good.

Yesterday I received an email from Fuel saying Morten, I and two other girls from our class got the internship. Unbelievable. Of 130 students from communication design, we were chosen.

So here’s the problem:
We’ve got plane tickets for Brisbane and we’re supposed to leave on Wednesday (this Wednesday). On Thursday while we’re still in Brisbane, Mortens’ parents are coming to Melbourne (which is stupid as we’re not home, but Morten gave them the wrong date), We get back on Sunday, then my mother arrive the day after. How are we supposed to do a two weeks internship??

We arranged a meeting with Fuel today, explained the situation and told them we could skip our Brisbane trip and that we were only available for one week, and that one week had to be next week. Lots of “demands” and money lost on plane tickets. But an internship like this is something you don’t get everyday. It’s such a big opportunity! And it will look great on my CV. They were so understanding and we ended up getting our internship next week. I’m so happy. It’s a bit sad that we’re not gonna have our weekend in Brisbane, but I think I would give that up any given day for an opportunity like this. We also get to be here when Mortens’ parents arrive, which is really nice. It would be sad if they got here while were gone.

I wish you could sell plane tickets, like you can sell concert tickets. Or maybe not, or maybe just the domestic flights? :P

I’m glad Morten also got chosen to do the presentation at Fuel and I’m SO happy we both got the internship. I think having him there during the presentation calmed my nerves. He wasn’t in the room though, but I didn’t have to sit there and wait alone with my stupid thoughts till it was my turn to present. Next week is gonna be fun!

This is Fuel. I should have taken a photo myself of the place, cause I’ve been there a few times now, but I always forget my camera. Oh well. This one is from their website.

Garage sale!

I’m here! I’m here! The internet is finally back to “normal” speed. I didn’t have the patience to blog when the internet was slow, takes forever to log onto WordPress and even longer to upload photos. But I’m here now and I’m super busy these days.

Tomorrow we’re having our first garage sale. We’ll probably have another one in a few weeks, or maybe next weekend. Depends on what we get rid of this weekend. There’s also a lot of things we can’t sell yet, like beds, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, sofas, refrigerator etc. We’re still gonna live here four more weeks. But we figured since we’ve managed to collect so much crap over the last year we should start early. Or maybe it’s not that early? It’s only four weeks. shit. I don’t think I’m ready to leave yet. eek. Okay, maybe I am. But I’m gonna miss Melbourne so much.

The boys making posters for our sale. We should have made them earlier this week. This was sort of a spontaneous decision we made yesterday. So we got up early today and cleaned our garage, which looked like someone had set off a bomb in. Took us a couple of hours to make it look presentable. Even though we’ve now filled it up with all the stuff we’re selling.

Arianne and I bought the same nightstand from Ikea when we first got here, and they had the ugliest wooden color. Therefore we decided to paint them white today to increase the chance of getting some money back. They turned out really good actually. I’m hoping someone wants to buy them as a set.

This is how our garage look like at the moment. Everyone has their own little sales stand.

Here’s mine. Lots of crap, but also some good stuff. I hope I get rid of most of it tomorrow.

Photos from the 90s party

The guys who fixed the 90s party had a camera set up facing a sofa, where people could be photographed. I think it was on a timer, so it took photos the whole night. Lots of funny photos out there. Here’s some of the ones I was in.

Sorry for being gone again. Our internet is super slow. It’ll be filled up again in a couple of days. It’s only four weeks till I leave Melbourne, and there’s so much to do to get everything ready. I have gathered tons of stuff over the last year that I need to sell and throw away. I know I’m not gonna be abel to bring everything back to Norway. My mom is coming down here the 26th, hopefully she can back light so I can put some stuff in her suitcase.

Look what Morten gave me!

I’m so lucky! This ring is so cool. I’ve wanted it ever since I saw it at Sportsgirl a while back. Happy!

One year with the best!

Today it’s one year since I got together with Morten:) We celebrated the day by going out to dinner, then we went to see Argo. Seen it? It was SO good! Morten even got me a little something, which was on the list I posted some days ago. I’ll show it to you later;) It’s been such a great day!

Random photo from when we went to Port Douglas this winter.

More 90s outfit photos

Sorry I was so absent yesterday. I was too hungover to do anything. Though we had to go up to the city to get our folios back. I managed that quite good, but I just got worse through out the day. I’ve never had a more painful headache, as the one I had before I went to bed yesterday. The party was a success! Everyone looked so good:) I didn’t bring my camera, so I’m gonna try to borrow some, so I can show you:)

My 90s outfit

Here I am:)

I have to run. I’m in a hurry. I will show you more tomorrow:)

What I’m wearing tonight

I just woke up. Even though the party isn’t for another 7 hours or so, I have so much to do to get ready. And I really don’t wanna stress, better to start early, so I can join the pre-party when it starts. A few people are coming to our place for pre-drinks before we have to head to the location at 8 pm.

I’m gonna look so hilarious. I’m going for a super pastel, more casual 90s look and I’m planning to wear my hair in a high, side ponytail. If I can get it to look right. I curled my extensions yesterday, so they are almost ready, just have to fix my own hair. I hate styling hair, I’m no good at it. But hopefully with a little help from Christina, I might get it to look like I want it to. I have a backup plan, incase it fails;)

The trousers are from Monki, I bought them years ago, but never found an occasions to wear them. Shoes from Rubi, super cheap and super comfy, I’m gonna wear them on our plane ride back to Norway, so no money wasted there, right? *Trying to justify* The top was only $10 at a night wear shop, I think it’s called Bond, and the ear rings was only $5 at Target. So all in all, not a very expensive outfit.

Scrunchie and nail polish from a discount chemist in Balaclava.

I’ll show you everything when I’m ready. This is gonna be fun!

Final touches

Today we went to the city for one last shopping round before the 90s party tomorrow. I’m so excited. It’s gonna be so much fun to see how everyone looks like! Even though we were only gonna go shopping a little bit, our trip to the city turned out really good. We had lunch outside, talked, laughed, didn’t stress at all. Great day, and even though I didn’t buy much, I feel so happy. Been a long time since I’ve been abel to go shopping. I even got myself a new pair of sunnies, cause they were so cheap. Joy!

I will show you my outfit tomorrow. Here’s some photos from today.



Starbucks have started using christmas cups.. Already!?

Morten and Christina. Nice!

Anders is participating in movember, as you can see. Or should I say Mario?

I want. I crave. I must have!

1. Shorts from Runwaydreamz, 2. Ring from Sportsgirl, 3. Boots from Jeffrey Campbell, 4. Jacket from Topshop, 5. Cardigan from Topshop, 6. Necklace from Sportsgirl, 7. Coat from Zara, 8. T-shirt from Choies, 9. Skirt from Sportsgirl, 10. Jumper from Bikbok.

I wish I wasn’t broke. I wish I had a job. There’s so much I want right now, and have been craving for over a year. Being a student sucks. I haven’t bought anything new since the neon top I showed you last week, which I bought about two months ago. I can’t wait to start working again and actually afford some of the things I want. But first I have to pay down some loans, and get a place to live, when I get back to Norway. There’s a long way to go!