Hi and welcome to my personal blog and your free resource site. I'm a 25 years old Girl from Asker, Norway. I just came back from Melbourne, Australia. Where I got my bachelor degree in graphic design at RMIT University. Now I'm on a job hunt, while working at H&M in Oslo. In my blog I write about school, fashion, life and whatever else I like. More?

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New – one column layout

Soooo, I just made a new layout. I always like when blogs have big photos in their posts, therefore I decided to just remove the sidebar and make the whole width of the blog 800 pixels. I played around with content in boxes to get a more fun look. I might change some bits and pieces later. Right now I have to get to work. I just wanted to put up the new layout first. Do you like it? Or is there something I should have done differently?

Tutorial: Making Gif’s

I figured I could post one more update before I go to bed. I’ve worked on a new tutorial for you guys. As well as for myself. It’s about how you can make GIFs in Photoshop. On my old computer I always used Animation shop for small animations like this. But now that I got a Mac, I can’t use Animation Shop anymore. Photoshop is just as good though, even better actually. And super easy. Here’s a GIF I made to put in my online folio on Behance.

Click here to go to the tutorial. I’ve also been trying to fix some old tutorials and clean up the content a bit. It’s a huge job, so it’ll take some time for me to go through it all. Just have to do bits and pieces when I have time. All my pages are “external” sort of. I haven’t made them in my WordPress, So now I’ve decided to put them all in my WordPress, which will take me forever! I feel like there’s so many advantages having them in there, instead of the way I’ve had them till now.

Anyway, I should go to sleep now. It’s getting late. And I have a wonderful book waiting for me on the nightstand.

A make over – finally!

I’ve been working all day on this new layout. I’m so tired now from starring at the screen for too long, and also the time is almost 1 am, so I should really go to sleep. I just wanted to post it right away. There’s still some stuff I really want to change/improve. I just don’t have the skills and I’m too tired to google how to do it right now, so I’ll probably do it some other day. The photos are now 50 pixels wider than they were before, which absolutely love, the bigger photo, the better! At least that’s what I think:)

Morten and I got our first freelance job today as well, which has to be done by Monday, so we have to spend the next days working on it. Hopefully I’ll be abel to blog a little even though:) I always get this spark when I have a new layout. Then it’s fun to blog again:D I would love some feedback on my new layout! What do you think?

New content page

Have you seen my new content page?

All my pages looks so crapy. The small images I made years ago are really bad. I don’t know what I was thinking back then. So the other day I decided to remake some of them and try to make them look a little bit better. Still got lots of pages to redo, hopefully I’ll get to them soon. Also some of my tutorials are outdated and the graphics I made years ago is crap. I just don’t have the heart do delete anything. It’s sort of a little memory from when I first started.

Here’s a bigger version of the icons I’ve made for my content page. Like?

Feeling the pressure

Now that I’ve joined another blog, I feel the blogging pressure even more. The plan was to avoid blogging double. IT’S HARD! Because this is my main blog, I would really like to just post everything here. Till now I’ve managed to blog slightly different. Even though some of the posts seems alike, they are different in some ways, either the text or some extra photos. I absolutely understand that it’s more fun for you guys to read different posts. It’s just that it makes it even harder for me.

For you who doesn’t know what I’m talking about: I’ve started a new blog with five girlfriends: www.seksomalt.com. I just added a big link for the blog in my sidebar, if you haven’t noticed:)

Do you read both blogs, even though the other one is in Norwegian?
Do you think I should avoid blogging double?

Totally new look!

It’s been so long since I experimented with different types of layouts. The last three I’ve had has all been similar with just different images. I was getting so tired of them. For this new one I wanted a clean, fun look. I didn’t manage to get it exactly how I wanted, but for once I’m actually happy with my layout. From now on my photos will also be slightly bigger, which I think is good:)
What do you think?

New project – Seks om alt

I’ve been working on a project the last month, I’m not sure if I told you about it, I think I did, a while back. I couldn’t tell you then, cause it wasn’t ready, but now it is. I’ve started a new blog with five other girls. It is called Seks om alt. Mari’s boyfriend, Magnus (who was in my class at NKF), made the layout. Then I coded the website in WordPress. It was a fun challenge to do a coding job for a layout that someone else made. I learned a lot by doing so. Anyways, here’s how it looks like:

As I told you we are six girls who’s going to post on this site. Everyone is the same age and sorta grew up together. Now everyones lives are totally different. Mari is studying in Liverpool to become a creative writer. Martine is studying in Oslo to become a vet and is also super athletic and loves skiing. Melissa just became a mom seven months ago to a beautiful boy. Rikke is living in Liverpool with Mari and started studying there this semester. Ane is the only one who’s single and she’s studying in London.
So as you can see, everyone is quite different and I think that this blog might turn out quite good, with a lot of diversity.

I haven’t started blogging there a 100 percent yet, but I will as soon as everyone has posted an entry. Also if you click each of the names in the menu you can get all the entries from each person, including a header photo like this:

For all you english speaking out there I have to disappoint you, the blog is in Norwegian. I’m sure you can try to google translate it though. If you like the idea of the blog and want to follow us in the future please like us on our facebook page.

Tired of the old one

The previous layout was just a temporary one, cause I was so tired of the one before. I feel like this one is also temporary. Cause I never seem to be happy with what I make. Oh well. I hope you like the change though.

Justframeless is 2 years!

Today is my websites birthday. I just noticed it, it’s not like a date I keep remembering. Two years is a long time, though it doesn’t feel like it. When I go back in my archive it still feels like something I’ve just written. Sometimes when I’m really bored I like to scroll through old posts, it’s cool to see what I did back then. It’s like a diary. That’s why I get a little angry with myself when I have long breaks between each entry. Like the ones I’ve had down here in Melbourne. It’s not always easy to keep up with everything, especially when school takes most of my time. I’m gonna tell you more about my school, classes and everything in a blog post later.

Now I’m off to the city. Fridays is my day off, while some of the others I live with have classes. We’re gonna go the movies and see… something… I’m not quite sure actually:P The plan was to see Captain America, but I think it started a bit too early. So I’m just gonna meet up with the others and discuss what we do/see later. Have a good day Everyone!!

Needed something different!

I made a new layout. I don’t like it. But I was so tired of the old one. Sometimes when I’m too tired of a layout I don’t feel like blogging. So now that there’s finally been a change I’m gonna blog more.. I think. I hope. I pray. This layout is just the same as the old one, I just changed some colors and put the pictures together in a different way and added some ugly effects:P

I also change the ugly font I used in my headers on the previous layout. I can’t believe I picked that script font in the first place, it was quite tacky. It’s been replaced with a more simple, cleaner font from Google fonts and I love it! Do you?

Small update

Today I’ve been so lazy. I haven’t been outside at all. I woke up, watched the ending of FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2011. Go Norway! I’ve actually done something rational today site-wise. I went through all the PNG pages and fixed the broken links. It took ages. There was soooo many broken ones, but now all of them work again. Not sure if you’ve noticed? I hope they are helpful:)

Time to sleep now. Good night!

Photoshop actions

Hi guys. It’s so late in Norway right now. I should really get some sleep. I just had to finish a little project I started on earlier today. Which is Photoshop actions. I haven’t done any updates in such a long time so I figured why not just add something new today? I hope you like them:)

New colorful spring theme

Who was tired of the old theme? I WAS!! Here’s a new one. I worked too much with all the codes so I’m already a little tired of it:P Though not as much as I was with the old one. I used a photo of myself taken a year ago at this time. Since it’s my blog and it’s about me I figured why not. I hope you like it. Thoughts?

Same same, but different

I was so tired of the old layout. I really want to make a new one, but I don’t have time right now, so instead I just changed the colors a little bit. I’ll make a new layout when I’m up for it and have time to make a cool one:) I need some new ideas!

Right now I’m at a friends place. I slept here. She’s at work at the moment and will be home in a few hours. Yesterday we made taco and watched “Gullrekka” on TV. It was a nice quite night. I even had a beer! Since I’m not taking that many medicines anymore I’m aloud to drink alcohol again. And I love beer so I’m happy:) lol! Later today Wenche is coming for a visit, with her cute dog, Uma. I’m not sure what we’re gonna do yet, probably make some good food and relax. What’s your plan for the weekend?

New wordpress themes

When I was at my dads this weekend I worked on some new WordPress themes for you guys. Just some really simple ones, quite similar to the one I got on my website now. I managed to finish them today so now they’re out on my site ready to be downloaded. I hope you like them:) I gotta get back to my school work now. Have a good day everyone!

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