Hi and welcome to my personal blog and your free resource site. I'm a 25 years old Girl from Asker, Norway. I just came back from Melbourne, Australia. Where I got my bachelor degree in graphic design at RMIT University. Now I'm on a job hunt, while working at H&M in Oslo. In my blog I write about school, fashion, life and whatever else I like. More?

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25 years old today!

eek. I’m getting old:P

I don’t have a lot of plans today (or money to do stuff). First I have to work at H&M, then straight after it’s off to a bar with some people from work to have a couple of beers. Morten is gonna join as well. Then around 6-7 pm we’ll go back home where dad’s bought sushi and wine:)

So, nothing big, even though I’m half way to 50.

I’m in Brisbane!

I left yesterday, so I made this post yesterday. I decided not to bring my mac, so I won’t be abel to post anything during my trip. I will take lots of photos though and I’ll be back in Melbourne again on Thursday.

My mother and I suddenly decided to go, so she can discover more of Australia while she’s here:) See you when we get back!

We will never forget

It’s one year today since the terror that happened in Norway, July 22nd. 77 people died because of one horrible man. Today is the day to remember them. I’ve been following the news from Norway all day. Wish I could be there.

It’s unbelievable that it’s already been a year. I remember when it happened, I had only been here in Australia two weeks. I was talking to a friend while she suddenly heard the bomb from where she lives. it was quite late here so we stayed up all night following the terror online.


Photo: Dagbladet.no

Let’s talk “Kony”

So about the film I posted yesterday. In just a few days it has had 75 million views on YouTube and 16 million on Vimeo. It has raised tons of issues amongst all kinds of people. I liked the film till all the propaganda started after about 10 minutes. It really is a good idea letting the people know, because then the government has to do something about the problem, and the visual design for the whole “Kony 2012″ campaign is really good. It’s just that it is too good, and the movie is too well produced. How did they get all the money to finance something like that? Did they use the donated money from the people who actually cares?

After reading tons of articles and blogs, this is what I’ve discovered:

- The Ugandan army uses child soldiers

- Uganda has become a different country over the past six years. Since the LRA moved out.

- Kony is gone, and has been for six years. He might be in the Central African Republic and has only a few hundred in his army.

- Most of the 30.000 children who were abducted are no longer with Kony.

- Kony is in another country, why don’t Uganda ask for military help from them instead of the U.S.

- Making Kony “famous” could make him stronger and make him abduct more children.

- $10 millions of Invisible Children’s income last year went to the staff, their awareness raising and surplus, while $3 millions went to Central African projects.

I’m curious to see how this will end. And how the city will look after April 20. I still think the whole campaign is a really clever idea, it’s just that it is 6-7 years too late.

What do you think about all this?

Kony 2012

I’m sure most of you have already seen this film. But If you haven’t, you absolutely should. For more information visit: kony2012.com.

Along the way

On our way to Great Ocean Road. Random Photos taken along the way.

The boys had their wardrobe in the front.

Our driver so far, Johnas, enjoying an aple.

Signs to Great Ocean Road.

Us girls in the back, planning our rout.


The boys

“Family” Sunday meal

Kristian made everyone a real Norwegian Sunday meal yesterday: meatballs in brown sauce with potatoes. He’s a really good cook! It tasted like heaven. The reason he actually wanted to make this meal was because of Anders. The first thing Anders, did when he came back to Norway for his vacation, was to post on facebook that he had had meatballs for dinner. He was kinda bragging about it, so Kristian got annoyed and wanted to show Anders that you can make meatballs in Australia too. Ha ha!!


… and maybe magazine photos?

I’m not sure if I’m gonna use them though, cause one of the guys here told me he thought it looked too much like a sunglass ad. What do you think?

Dress from H&M, top from MinkPink, sunglasses from Lindex, bag and ring from Sportsgirl.

I’ve fixed something

Okay so in my last post I asked if you could see what I’ve fixed. The picture I posted was pretty bad, cause you couldn’t see it properly. It shows better IRL. I have filled my upper lip with restylane lipp 0,5 ml. I’ve been thinking about doing this for over a year now, though I’ve never had the guts to just do it. So last week I pulled myself together and made an appointment for May 18.

It was so painful especially at the top of the lip. But the pain was there for only a second while the man was sticking the needle in. He had to stick ten times to get it even. On Wednesday night my lip was so swollen. I looked like a duck!!! Though it went away the day after. Right now I’m happy with the result, I just wanted to try it out to see what it was like, maybe I’ll do it again to get a more visible result.

My underlip has always been bigger than my upper, here you can see that they are more even. What do you think?

April fools

I’m not going to close.

Weird how you guys would think that! lol! Sorry. I love my site and I love web design. You’re just gonna have to put up with me for a long time:D


This site takes up too much time for me so I’ve decided to take a year off to concentrate on school instead. sorry guys.

yesterdays outfit today

Since I didn’t have time to post this yesterday, I’m posting it today instead.

The focus in the left photo turned out a little bad. oh well.

Sweater from H&M and jeans from Weekday.

“do you want beer?”

Yesterday my mom came to me for dinner. I made lasagna. She called me from the store and asked if I wanted anything before she came and I told her that I didn’t have anything to drink, then she suggested beer. I of course said yes right away. I sort of forgot that beer is really good when you’re eating.

I’m going to Asker now to drink with some friends, I’m not sure if we’re going to go out in Asker or in Oslo. If we decide to go out in Asker I will sleep at my parent till tomorrow, which means no blogging until I get back home again. I have to run now, I need to figure out what to wear. Have a nice Saturday everyone<3


Traffic light party

I’m going to a traffic light party right at my school any minute now.

Green = single
Yellow = seeing someone
Red = taken

I’m yellow, what are you?


Vote for me

Hi guys. I joined a funny contest today. You had to design a bikini. I’m not at all happy with how it turned out. But fun to try anyway.
Please vote for me here. Thanks:D