Hi and welcome to my personal blog and your free resource site. I'm a 25 years old Girl from Asker, Norway. I just came back from Melbourne, Australia. Where I got my bachelor degree in graphic design at RMIT University. Now I'm on a job hunt, while working at H&M in Oslo. In my blog I write about school, fashion, life and whatever else I like. More?

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Graduation: parade

I haven’t had time to show you any photos from my graduation. So here’s some from the parade we did at 10 am the day of the 12th of December. I’m glad it was that early because later that day we almost died of the heat.

All the Norwegians plus some of the others from our class. Taken just before the parade.

Me and Morten

Morten and Kristian

My mom and I, at Federation Square (the destination of the parade). It was starting to get really hot here, so we had to hurry home right after this photo.

I’m graduating today!

I just came back from the graduation parade down Swanston street. It’s SO hot today, almost no wind and 32 degrees. Later today is the ceremony. I’m kinda nervous. What if I fall on stage when it’s my turn to get the diploma thingy?

Here’s me today:


I have something really fun to tell you guys. Should have told you earlier, but haven’t had the chance and nothing was confirmed until now.

Our last assignment in school was a brief we got from a studio here in Melbourne, called Fuel. We had to make a website for office supplies, sorta like a web shop. The project was super boring, sorry to say it, but it really felt like work-work. I’ve always considered graphic design being fun and even though it’s a job it doesn’t feel like it, but this one did. I think having my own website and a bit knowledge about the subject helped me a lot. I finished quiet quickly, with an okay result.

After I finished school, I got an email saying that Morten and I was chosen along with 8 other people to present our website at Fuel. I’d totally forgot that the project was a competition. Fuel was gonna pick 3-4 people who would get an internship in their studio. So on Monday both Morten and I had our presentations. I HATE speaking like that in front of people. My nerves always takes completely control over me and I usually mess up. It was different this time! I was nervous, don’t get me wrong, but I managed to keep them controlled and I felt the presentation went really well. I had so much adrenaline when I was done. They gave me some feedback right away and it seemed like they were happy with what I’d done. It felt so good.

Yesterday I received an email from Fuel saying Morten, I and two other girls from our class got the internship. Unbelievable. Of 130 students from communication design, we were chosen.

So here’s the problem:
We’ve got plane tickets for Brisbane and we’re supposed to leave on Wednesday (this Wednesday). On Thursday while we’re still in Brisbane, Mortens’ parents are coming to Melbourne (which is stupid as we’re not home, but Morten gave them the wrong date), We get back on Sunday, then my mother arrive the day after. How are we supposed to do a two weeks internship??

We arranged a meeting with Fuel today, explained the situation and told them we could skip our Brisbane trip and that we were only available for one week, and that one week had to be next week. Lots of “demands” and money lost on plane tickets. But an internship like this is something you don’t get everyday. It’s such a big opportunity! And it will look great on my CV. They were so understanding and we ended up getting our internship next week. I’m so happy. It’s a bit sad that we’re not gonna have our weekend in Brisbane, but I think I would give that up any given day for an opportunity like this. We also get to be here when Mortens’ parents arrive, which is really nice. It would be sad if they got here while were gone.

I wish you could sell plane tickets, like you can sell concert tickets. Or maybe not, or maybe just the domestic flights? :P

I’m glad Morten also got chosen to do the presentation at Fuel and I’m SO happy we both got the internship. I think having him there during the presentation calmed my nerves. He wasn’t in the room though, but I didn’t have to sit there and wait alone with my stupid thoughts till it was my turn to present. Next week is gonna be fun!

This is Fuel. I should have taken a photo myself of the place, cause I’ve been there a few times now, but I always forget my camera. Oh well. This one is from their website.

Annual report for Craft Victoria

Here’s the last of my folio pieces. I took new photos on a white background instead of the dark grey I used before. I also tried to not use my hands for when I had to turn the pages. Too much hands takes the focus away from the projects, which should be in focus. After tons of test prints I managed to get the levels in the photos just right, you see I started out over exposing them. In the end they turned out really good, and I’m super happy with the result.

Now, thats it. I have nothing more to show you. Morten and I are planing to print out the freelance job we did though. and take some photos of it. We’re pretty happy with how it turned out, and I recon it’ll make a solid folio piece if we get the photos just right. The client were happy too and told us that if they needed anything more in the future, they would use us again:)

Touch of Reiki

For my folio I also took some new photos of the business card I made for my mother. The last ones I took I did in a hurry on my bathroom floor, with poor lighting, because I had to send them off to her for her birthday. These new ones were taken in the studio we set up for folio week. So much better. My future plan with her small business is to make her a proper website and maybe some flyers. It depends on what she needs and if she’s willing to keep up with everything.

I guess there’s only one last thing to show you from my final folio, and that is the Annual report I did for Craft Victoria. I’ll post it tomorrow maybe, if you want to see how the final photos turned out?:)

Wildlife Victoria

I almost forgot this project, which is my absolute favorite along with the beer packaging. I know I’ve also shown you this one before. It’s just that you haven’t seen the really nice photos;)

I should probably start blogging about something else soon. You’re probably tired of me just showing you my projects. I haven’t done anything fun lately, that I can blog about. So that’s why. I’m still trying to improve my website though, so there might be some more updates coming soon.


I know I’ve shown you this before. It’s just that I would like to show it to you guys again. You see I’ve taken new photos of it, and made it into a folio piece. I really wanted eight good projects in my folio this semester, and I only had seven, so I had to dig up some old ones from my archive and try to make them look good. I ended up doing a re-make of the Xstrata one from a year back. I like this assignment, the only problem was that it was a bit to thin, so I sorta had to fake it through my photos. I added a black cardboard with a clamp, to make it look like a small clip board, than I added a pen and some black post-it notes. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and I feel like it made a good folio piece.

I’ve almost shown you all the projects that’s in my final folio. There is two more, which you’ve already seen, which It’s the annual report for Craft Victoria and the business cards I made for my mother. I’ve taken new photos of them as well, so if you’d like to see them I can absolutely post them. Just let me know:)

What do you think? Do you remember the project from last year?

Welfe – jewelry packaging

After we did our beer packaging we got this final assignment in our packaging class, which was my elective this last semester. Welfe is a contemporary jewelry designer based in Melbourne. He’s actually engaged to be married to one of my favorite lecturers. So I was pretty excited about the project. We had to design two jewelry boxes, one for rings and one for larger things like necklaces and bracelets. The only big problem was that we had to keep the cost down, the limit was $2 per box. We also had to make the packaging super easy to assemble. The logo was provided to us, so we didn’t have to make a new one.

In the end he’s maybe gonna choose one of our design and actually use it for his jewelry. On his Facebook page it looks like he’s already chosen his fvourites, when he was at school earlier this week. Mine is not in there, even though he shared mine, when I was featured on Packaging of the world. I’m excited to see what happens, there’s so many good designs. The jewelry displayed in the photos are not from his collection, you can see his jewelry on Welfe.com.

The housewarming party yesterday was okay, nice to sit and just catch up with people, but I wasn’t too keen on drinking. We left around 1 am, which I’m glad for today. Also about the freelance job, the client loved the two logos we had as favorites, so now we just have to find a way to combine them. We’ll send in some modified logos by the end of the day. Exciting to see how it’ll turn out:)

Self promotion

One of our last assignments we got was to make a self promotion for our self that we could send out to studios. Because I was spending all my time working on the beer packaging I had only 4-5 days to finish this assignment. I’m so glad I had a plan for it, and that it turned out the way it did. Because when we first got the assignment I knew that I wasn’t gonna send it out to anyone, but now I feel like I absolutely should!

The tin box is spray painted in matte black, with the logo in gloss varnish. The cover of the notebook also has a gloss varnish finish. Inside are photos of my work. By not revealing everything about each project, I aim to make the studio curious about who I am. It will trigger them to visit my website and find out more about me and my work.

I’m working on a new layout as we speak, buuut I haven’t been coding in ages and I’m never satisfied with the layouts I make, so I have no idea when it will be up. But I can reveal that my photos will be wider than they are now:) Yey for bigger photos!!

Little Spines

Little Spines is an anthology of creative writing by students at RMIT University, 2012. Our task was to design the whole book. Three students from each class was chosen to present their design to the creative writers. All together it was 15 students from communication design that was chosen. I was one of them. The presentation went so bad, because I was too nervous to even remember how to speak properly english. So embarrassing. I think I managed to say everything that I had planned in the end, but my design didn’t get picked. I’m happy I was one of the 15 students though. All together I think we’re about 130 students from communication design. So I should be pretty happy:)

For my design I didn’t just want to do a typical human spine. I started looking at other things that could resemble a spine. Therefore I did a naked tree and a half page with leafs. The human spine is what holds us together, as does the trunk and branches of a tree with its leafs. I think I spent around three hours masking out that tree in Photoshop:P And when I was finished I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to use it, glad I did though. For the insides of the book I chose to keep it super clean as the text is the hero. With too many design elements it would’ve taken the attention away from the text.

What do you think?

Happy. Tired. Bachelor degree, done!

Hi guys. I feel like I have to say sorry once again, for just disappearing. I finished school on Monday. And I finally got my bachelor degree(!!!). I won’t get the actual degree until December the 12th though. But at least I’m finished, no more school. Ever(?). I might study some more in a couple of years, but for the time being I just wanna get some experience in the field and figure out what kind of area I like. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet, that I’m done and that I have a bachelor. It feels so weird.

On Monday we celebrated all day. We started drinking at 11 am and I have no idea when or how I got to bed. Morten says I went to sleep around 10 pm. Not that I remember. We had so much fun. We started at a Workshop, where all students from 2nd and 3rd year met up along with our teachers, we drank and had a barbecue. Then everyone came back to our place to continue partying. I was in a coma yesterday:P

I feel so bad that I haven’t been abel to update you guys on what’s been going on. I just had to focus 100% on my school work. And I couldn’t be happier with the result. My final folio turned out amazing and this is a folio that I can be proud of, I’m actually not gonna do any alternations at all, I’m gonna go back to Norway and start job hunting right away. I’ll get it back at the end of this month, then I can show you how it turned out:)

It’s so weird suddenly having so much spear time. We’re not going back to Norway until December 15th. I know I should get a job down here as soon as possible, but then again I really don’t want a job before I’m back in Norway. I just wanna enjoy my time off from everything. Summer is around the corner as well, and my plan is to get super tan before I go back to snow and winter.

I feel like I have so much to tell you guys and show you. I have no idea where to start. Let me show you my assignments first, sounds good? The first one I want to show you is my beer packaging. I spent 9 weeks, maybe more, working on it and I’m really happy with the result. It’s maybe gonna be featured in Wallpaper*, which is a world known magazine amongst designers. The only problem is that I had to send my assignment all the way to London, and it had to be there Monday morning (last week), and it arrived at 15:29 Monday evening. They haven’t answered my email yet, so I still don’t know if I’m gonna be in the magazine or not. I really hope so, cause it’s such a great way to get exposure. Fingers crossed. Anyway, here it is:

I hope you guys are still following me, even though I’ve been gone for a couple of months. I’m planning to make a new layout pretty soon and I really wanna start blogging regularly again. I can’t wait to show you the rest of my work, I’m so proud of what I have achieved these last months:)

First assignment: PÛR

Hi everyone. Since we last spoke I’ve been sick, finished my first assignment, been stressed and more sick. The cold just won’t let go. It started out with a whole two days of sneezing, followed by a complete stuffy nose. Yey! I haven’t had any fever, this second time around (feels like I’ve been sick twice in a row, cause I was starting getting better, then boom sick again). I’m feeling better now though, just my nose that’s fucked.

The last weeks we’ve been quite social, by going to two concerts, secret walls and hanging out with Mari, Magnus and Audun. It’s so nice to have Mari here and not half the world away. I have some nice photos from the different events, that I’ll share with you later.

Schoolwise I’m not doing as good as I’d hoped. The first assignment was due yesterday. I was hoping to do better than I did. Lack of motivation I guess. Anyway, the assignment was to make high end bathroom amenities for a hotel here in Melbourne. We had four hotels to choose from and we had to make at least three packages. I chose The Prince hotel, in St Kilda, a classy design hotel and I decided to name the line PÛR. Which is the Welsh way of spelling pure. Here’s how they turned out:

First day of last semester

Today we started school again after six weeks of winter break. It’s so weird that this is my last semester in school. In three months I’ll be done studying and I’ll have a bachelor degree in graphic design. Unbelievable how time flies. Feels like I started NKF(Oslo) yesterday.

We didn’t get any new assignment today, just a lecture. Last semesters folios weren’t good enough, so Jo did a new lecture on what they’re expecting of our final folio. Some studios gave feedback on them and gave us some tips on what to do and what they’re looking for in a good folios. So this semester I really have to bring it. I’ve already planned to take photos of each assignment right away and do test prints from day one.

We’ll get our first assignment tomorrow. I hope it’s something fun!

Me today.

Big opportunity!

Two days ago I received an email from one of the teachers I got at RMIT. I rarely check my student email. It was just a coincidence that I checked the communication design group on Facebook, someone had posted a list with five student numbers telling them to check their emails. At the bottom of the list was my student number. I got so nervous when I saw it, I had no idea what it could be. The email said that our teacher had picked me and four others to meet Natalie Bloom on Tuesday. “It’s a big opportunity, bring your folio.”

I got so nervous and excited. The email was so unclear on what’s going to happen in the meeting. Will one of us have a chance to get an internship with Natalie, or does she want one of us to do a job for her. I have no idea. I always get so nervous when it comes to these kind of things. What am I going to say to her, will she ask us questions, do I have to speak about my folio in front of the four others?

So now I’m preparing myself the best way I can. I printed a new folio yesterday, which I’m going to bind as a book today (as we speak actually). I’m doing research on Natalie Bloom as I’ve never heard of her before. She graduated from RMIT in 1992 with a bachelor in communication design. At the age of 22 she started her own business Bloom Cosmetics. Bloom cosmetics is now a really big brand in Australia and the rest of the world. This year she won Alumnus of the year at RMIT, where she held a speech about her journey from graduating school to a successful businesswoman. She loves fashion and design, so I sorta feel that we have a little bit in common.

I also bought some new clothes yesterday that I’m going to wear to the meeting. God, I’m nervous, but grateful I get to have this opportunity! I was really surprised that I was picked out, I must have done something right semester:)

Photo: thedesignfiles

Folio celebration

On Monday we handed in our folios for this semester. Everyone of us in my house managed to get it done in time. It feels so good handing it in and being done with this semester. It’s like having weights removed from your shoulders. I’m so happy. I know what I have to do different next year, to get everything done and to avoid the same mistakes like I did this semester. I know everything could have beed done so much better, I just didn’t have time.

Anywho. We went to Pearson and Murphy’s for a breakfast together after submitting the folios. Then everyone in 3rd, 2nd and 1st year met up at Workshop for some cheap beers and mingling. All in all a great day. As usual not so good the day after. I was suppose to post this two days ago:P We ended up having a little gathering yesterday as well, sorta a little good bye party for the Norwegians who’s going to Norway for the winter break. I think we’re gonna try to go see a movie tonight before they leave tomorrow.

Morten and Arianne at Pearson and Murphy’s.


At Workshop

Me, Morten and Kristian:)