Hi and welcome to my personal blog and your free resource site. I'm a 25 years old Girl from Asker, Norway. I just came back from Melbourne, Australia. Where I got my bachelor degree in graphic design at RMIT University. Now I'm on a job hunt, while working at H&M in Oslo. In my blog I write about school, fashion, life and whatever else I like. More?

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Which one?

Which one do you like? I can only afford one of them. I think I have a favorite. But I really like both of them and would love to keep them. But life’s tough. Btw they’re from H&M.

Back at H&M, back at justframeless?

Hi! Long time no see? Time flies. We’re suddenly at the end of January and I haven’t blogged since new years eve. It feel like yesterday (for me). Since we last talked two things has happened.

1. I started working at H&M again, January 3rd and been working there everyday since.
2. I’ve been head hunted by a graphic design studio in Oslo. I will tell you more about that as soon as I know more;)

Being back at H&M is okay. I like it, but it sorta feels like I never left and from time to time I’m tired of it. I’m back in Karl Johan, the place I worked at before I left for Melbourne, but I’m in a different department. I like my new department, it’s much better actually and there’s no checkout there, which I love. I hate standing there. I like it when I can run around, hang out clothes and clean the stands.

Morten and I moved into my dads house the 1st of January. We have no money and we probably have to stay here for a while. I won’t get my fist paycheck until February 20. I feel trapped. There’s so much stuff I want to buy and so much stuff I actually need (like mascara, day cream, new toothbrush etc.), but I don’t have the money to buy it. I got a loan that I have to pay back by the end of April, so there’s no way I can buy the stuff I need. God, I hate this!

On the positive side, Morten got a graphic design job and he’s doing great. I’m so happy for him!:)

Something new

Remember I told you about the Fashion Agains Aids campaign at H&M a little while back? The collection was unisex and was kinda sporty looking with pastels. I couldn’t find anything I liked except for this little purse thingy which suits Iphones perfectly (not that I got an Iphone). I just think it looks so cute and it will be perfect for summer. Instead of using a big purse I can just use this one for my money and cellphone. It was actually sold out at the point when I realized I wanted it, but we got one in return:)

I’m off to the city to take some photos for my exam. Just some test shots to see if my idea sucks or if I can pull it through. Bye:)

Stupid questions from customers at H&M

At work me and my colleagues always makes fun of the customers. There are so stupid some times. Not that we’re bad people or anything, but listen to this:

In the fitting room we have a desk we use to alarm and hang up clothes. On Saturdays when there’s a lot of people we use the desk to get all the clothes customers has tried on sorted out. It’s very helpful and I’m sure you’ve all noticed the desk I’m talking about. Some customers actually tries to pay at this desk. They ask “Can I pay here?”. How stupid can you be? Does it really look like a cashier’s stand? Cause there’s like no computer there or anything else that would be on a cashier’s stand.

Other times I have customers coming up to me and asking me how they can get out of the store. HELLO?! How did you get in? I work on the 2nd floor and in the middle of the store we have escalators going up and down. Usually I get this question when I’m standing right next to the escalators. It’s like they don’t use their eyes and they need me to look for them. This one time a customer first asked me the way out and then she asked me the direction to the children’s department. I told her it was upstairs and then she almost turned white and said she would get lost if she went up there. She wasn’t even old, maybe 40-50 years old. I looked at her and told her that she could do it, “I believe in you!”. LOL!

I work in the Divided department and the most funny questions I get from customers is: “Where is the Divided department?”. Every single time I get this question I start to laugh. I usually answer it with: “You’re standing in it!”. I understand that people ask cause they don’t know, but how about using your eyes before asking?

And then we have the regular most asked, stupid question I get ALL the time: “Do you work here?”. I always answer “No, I just like cleaning stores!”. This usually makes the customer smile. But when you see a person cleaning the racks and wearing a badge with the stores name they usually work there, so there’s no need to ask him/her if they work there. Right? It can be an icebreaker though, so I understand sometimes when they ask me.

I love customers, they make my day!


I’m broke. fuck.

The plan this weekend was to stay in, no going out drinking, because I’m broke. But instead I went out with some colleagues. I didn’t spend any money though. I got everything “free”. It was so much fun, me and this guy sort of had a competition where we would get people to buy beer for us. It went quite well actually. lol! I was a little hungover yesterday, of course. Sunday = hangovers (always):P

I had some money left today but stupid as I am I managed to buy a bikini. It’s sooo nice and very popular at H&M right now, so I just had to get it while they still had my size. Now I’m totally broke. I don’t even have money for food. At the supermarket earlier today I had to like remove stuff one by one until my card accepted it. ha ha! Embarrassing. So instead of the two dinners I wanted to buy I could only afford the eggs. great! I get my scholarship on Thursday though, I just have to manage til then. Good luck, Vibeke!

Bikini from H&M.

I can never decide!

When I find something I like I can never decide witch color to buy it in, so I usually just buy all the colors. That’s what happened when I found this beautiful necklace and earrings:

Everything from H&M. Necklaces from the Devided department and earrings from the Ladies department.


Sorry for the absence the previous days. I sort of went out on Saturday and had a major hangover yesterday. lol. Typically me, right? Now I’m ready to meet Mari out for dinner and beer. A little detail of what I’m wearing tonight. The necklace and top is new.

Rings from Top Shop, bracelet from Bianco, Top and necklace from H&M.

The jumpsuite

Here’s finally some photos of the jumpsuite I bought a while back. I never came around to show you how it looked on. It doesn’t look so good from behind, it makes my butt look saggy. lol! That’s why I wore it with a cardigan at work the other day. I love it though! What do you think? :)

Jumpsuite and cardigan from H&M.

Pattern trousers

Trousers, cardigan and belt from H&M, necklace from Lindex.

“Boyfriend” cardigan

Todays outfit consist of this super comfy cardigan from H&M, Trend department. It’s oversized and looks kinda like I’ve borrowed my boyfriends cardigan, which I haven’t because there is nooo boyfriend. lol!:P The cardigan actually looks a little bigger in real life.

Jeans and Cardigan from H&M(Trend), cropped top from H&M(Divided) and scarf from Gina Tricot.

My cropped tops

I should probably have shown you how they look on, but I don’t feel like taking photos of myself right now:P Though I know I will wear them later and probably take photos then. So don’t worry. As you can see I’m soooo ready for summer, I want summer now! My wardrobe is all set! Any favorites?

All the tops are from H&M.

Fashion Agains Aids 2011

This years Fashion Agains Aids collection is all about unisex clothing with a sporty vibe. Comfort is a key factor and colours are naturals as well as pale pastels which means they can be worn by all. The collection is available in H&M’s Divided department from 26th April and 25% of sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS projects around the world. Here are just some of the pieces from the collection, for more visit hmfaacollection.com.

All photos from H&M.


The perfect accessories for the summer! This is the only things I bought yesterday at H&M in Bogstadveien.

Necklace from H&M

Same necklace in a different color. Love them both!

Belt/necklace from H&M, can be used in both ways:)

H&M’s new flagship store

Today has been the worst and the best day of my life. It’s been such a weird day. The funeral for my grandmother was this morning. It was so beautiful and so sad. Then it was the opening of H&Ms new flagship store in Oslo, Bogstadveien 11. Free champagne, goodie bags, live performances and DJ’s on every floor. It was so much fun. I didn’t do anything but to smile the whole time. Such a nice break from the sadness earlier today. Which I needed. I also bought something cool that I promise to show you tomorrow. Here’s some photos from tonight:

The line outside the store before it opened. It was even longer behind us.

Champagne and beautiful girls. Charlotte and Martine.

Performance by Eva and The Heartmaker.

Lucas Seifert, the leader of H&M in Norway. Here he’s welcoming everyone and announce the store officially open.

Some Norwegian celebrities and press. Anine Stang and Eva from Eva and the Heartmaker.

After the event we went to Peppe’s pizza to grab a beer and some nachos and of course to take a look in the goodie bag we received.


The goodie bag. Two towels from H&M Home, nail polish, mascara, bracelets and a juice.

My VIP badge:)

New shoes

Shoes from H&M. They will be perfect for me this spring. Love them!