Hi and welcome to my personal blog and your free resource site. I'm a 25 years old Girl from Asker, Norway. I just came back from Melbourne, Australia. Where I got my bachelor degree in graphic design at RMIT University. Now I'm on a job hunt, while working at H&M in Oslo. In my blog I write about school, fashion, life and whatever else I like. More?

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Which one?

Which one do you like? I can only afford one of them. I think I have a favorite. But I really like both of them and would love to keep them. But life’s tough. Btw they’re from H&M.

Last Melbourne outfit

Okay, not the last outfit I wore, but the last one I actually got photos of. The jacket was the last thing I ever bought in Melbourne. I couldn’t walk away from it, so even though my suitcase was full, I chose to get rid of something else just to get it home. I love it! It’s more of a spring/fall jacket, but I’ve already wore it here in Norway. Oh, and the top is also new, my mom bought it for me as an early Christmas present. Yey!

Jacket from Dotti, top from Jayjays, jeans from Cheap Monday and bag from Topshop.

Earring from Topshop and rings from Sportsgirl

Look what Morten gave me!

I’m so lucky! This ring is so cool. I’ve wanted it ever since I saw it at Sportsgirl a while back. Happy!

More 90s outfit photos

Sorry I was so absent yesterday. I was too hungover to do anything. Though we had to go up to the city to get our folios back. I managed that quite good, but I just got worse through out the day. I’ve never had a more painful headache, as the one I had before I went to bed yesterday. The party was a success! Everyone looked so good:) I didn’t bring my camera, so I’m gonna try to borrow some, so I can show you:)

My 90s outfit

Here I am:)

I have to run. I’m in a hurry. I will show you more tomorrow:)

What I’m wearing tonight

I just woke up. Even though the party isn’t for another 7 hours or so, I have so much to do to get ready. And I really don’t wanna stress, better to start early, so I can join the pre-party when it starts. A few people are coming to our place for pre-drinks before we have to head to the location at 8 pm.

I’m gonna look so hilarious. I’m going for a super pastel, more casual 90s look and I’m planning to wear my hair in a high, side ponytail. If I can get it to look right. I curled my extensions yesterday, so they are almost ready, just have to fix my own hair. I hate styling hair, I’m no good at it. But hopefully with a little help from Christina, I might get it to look like I want it to. I have a backup plan, incase it fails;)

The trousers are from Monki, I bought them years ago, but never found an occasions to wear them. Shoes from Rubi, super cheap and super comfy, I’m gonna wear them on our plane ride back to Norway, so no money wasted there, right? *Trying to justify* The top was only $10 at a night wear shop, I think it’s called Bond, and the ear rings was only $5 at Target. So all in all, not a very expensive outfit.

Scrunchie and nail polish from a discount chemist in Balaclava.

I’ll show you everything when I’m ready. This is gonna be fun!

I want. I crave. I must have!

1. Shorts from Runwaydreamz, 2. Ring from Sportsgirl, 3. Boots from Jeffrey Campbell, 4. Jacket from Topshop, 5. Cardigan from Topshop, 6. Necklace from Sportsgirl, 7. Coat from Zara, 8. T-shirt from Choies, 9. Skirt from Sportsgirl, 10. Jumper from Bikbok.

I wish I wasn’t broke. I wish I had a job. There’s so much I want right now, and have been craving for over a year. Being a student sucks. I haven’t bought anything new since the neon top I showed you last week, which I bought about two months ago. I can’t wait to start working again and actually afford some of the things I want. But first I have to pay down some loans, and get a place to live, when I get back to Norway. There’s a long way to go!

New in!

Okay, I have to admit, it’s not totally new. I bought it a while back, but I haven’t been blogging, so therefore; New in. I really like this ear ring/cuff-thingy, though I haven’t had the chance to wear it much. There’s been so much to do in school so I’ve put school in front of trying to dress nice, if you know what I mean? Anyway, it’s from Top Shop and I think it costs around $15.


Top from Dotti, Jens from Cheap Monday, necklace and rings from Sportsgirl.

Sneak peek

Today we’re going to yet another housewarming party. I’ll post my outfit a bit later. Till then, here’s a little preview. The movie we saw yesterday, Extremely Loud and Incredibly close, was amazing. Some parts were a bit different from the book, but it’s hard getting everything into a two hour movie. A movie I absolutely recommend. Morten loved it as well. I have to eat now before we have to leave for the party. See you later:)

Outfit for the meeting

This is what I’m wearing for the meeting with Natalie Bloom today. The skirt and the shoes are new:) I have to run catch the tram now, wish me luck!

Sweater from Weekday, skirt form Valley Girl, shoes from Wittner.

Necklace from H&M and rings from Sportsgirl.


I’ve been wanting those thin silver rings for so long. Since I’m broke and had no idea where to get them, I thought all hope was gone. Until I discovered them at Sportsgirl and my lovely boyfriend bought them for me. Happy!

I’m so lucky

After we handed in our last assignment, Morten took me shopping and bought me this cool sweater. I love it! He’s so sweet!!!

not the best photo:P but you get the idea. he he

One from last week

Even though I didn’t have time to blog last week I actually took time to take some outfit photos. This is something I wore in the beginning of last week I think. Love the oversized cardigan.

Cardigan from H&M, jeans from Cheap Monday and top from Bik Bok.

Necklace from H&M and ring from Sportsgirl.


Top from H&M, jeans from Cheap Monday and shoes from Din Sko.

Ring from House of harlow and necklace from H&M.